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Application by bellpup Application by bellpup
my application for :iconisles-of-eden: ^^
Infos about Kino:
His Name is Kino Mushishi, heīs 17 years old and lives at the moment in one of the Apartements in Arcadia with his guardian Merveille.
Actually he wants to go to the Scholars College after school, but heīs not sure yet and has to make some money, before he can start school there.
He likes hanging out with friends at the Fountain, cooking, listening to music and travelling with Merveille.
He really dislikes people who touch his hair, talk behind his back and cold weather.
People sometimes think that heīs a loner, but actually heīs really caring and doesnīt like being alone at all, therefore he sometimes visits his friends or brother in the middle of the night, if he canīt sleep or just wants to scare them.
Kino sometimes doesnīt even go to school, if he thinks that itīs too cold outside and Merveille is a snake and they canīt stand cold.
He is 1,78 m tall and weighs 65 kg.
His father and mother are working on a farm in Harvest City and they just can visit him on public holidays, but he has an older brother, who is currently studying in Scholars College in Knowing City.
His fathers name is Mauro and his mothers name is Christelle and the name of his brother is Shini.
He doesnīt have a girlfriend at the moment, because he has to learn a lot at the moment.
He owns currently 200 Zions.

Infos about Merveille:
Merveille is a female Rainbowboa.
She really like warm weather and enjoys hanging out with the other Guardians of Kinos friends, but she wonīt mind being alone for a few days, she gets bored pretty fast, therefore sheīs usually with Kinos and hangs around his neck.
Sheīs 1 m long and weighs 25 kg.
She has never met her parents, just her siblings when she hatched, but has never seen them again afterwards.
She also doesnīt have a lover at the moment, but not bause of lack of time, but actually she is very picky.

i probably redraw kino and merveille sometime ^^ the application file was too small for me ;__;
and yayy done :la:
IOE-Shop Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
Don't forget to add in your description that you have *ƶ100 (which is the automatic amount of ƶ you are given when your application is accepted) plus another *ƶ100 for being in our first 5 applicants! You can buy things from the group shop with this money.
You now have 2:

(put it in your desc with the thumbnail of the coin and the amount of the coins you have)
bellpup Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok done ^^ and thanks for telling me ;D
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April 13, 2013
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